Share by Bike

an exceptional human experience of sharing on a way of more than 15 000km by bicycle to central America for few years to contribute in social/environmental projects and promote societal changes. These changes made by millions of people to build a fairest society and implement more resilient systems and more respectful of humankind and nature.


I share this experience through short stories, photos and videos on the news page as well as social networks (see the bottom for links).

Screening, debates, conferences and workshops are done in public places, schools and universities in order to share with people of all ages these societal changes and this incredible experience (contact me by email if you want to create an exchange) (pictures).

How ?

The route is chosen according to the transition network and community work networks such as Xhelp, Workaway, Woofing, etc. The organizations are also contacted directly. I work in the field of energy, environment, communication, agriculture, education, etc

I travel on an expedition bike (example), which is strong and ready for thousands of kilometers with bags (second-hands also). I am self-sufficient in electricity for my electronic devices (info). I have almost everything necessary for complete autonomy: tent, sleeping bag, water filter, tools, basic spare parts, … (material); only food and parts in case of problems, are purchased (info). But in order to share more with local people, I use networks such as campinmygarden, couchsurfing, housecarers, warmshowers (pictures). Also I try to reduce my negative impacts on the planet as much as possible, be zero waste, have a minimalist life in a term of material, reduce my consommation of non-renewable energies, etc

Why ?

Travelling by bike because, in my opinion, it is the best compromise among all means of transport possible. Faster than walking and, unlike motorized transport, it allows you to live your journey, use your senses and perceive your environment. Also, less technical risks, no fossil energy needed, no taxes, no insurance, etc. For more information on this topic, I urge you to discover the principles of Slow travel.

« Too fast means of transport are alienating and illusory » [Ivan Illich]

An instinctive desire to live more freely rather than individually. Doing my part while discovering the beauty of the world in all its natural and human richness. Having the desire to share this adventure and the indisputable fact that we all have a responsibility to take action at our own level. Finally, working against the dogma of infinite growth, misconceptions, misinformation, looking for comfort and consumption without considering everything we are a part of, nature and humankind.

This project originates from the fact that we are in an unstable society, completely dependent on fossil fuels. Many of us feel helpless in this fragile model responsible for so much injustice and social and environmental disasters. Still, many alternatives exist and thousands of people working on this.

Particularly through the development of the Internet, a new society of knowledge and sharing has been born!

As said by Pablo Servigne in his book and conference: Either we anticipate and act now or we wait to be facing bigger problems. The first step to take, the most important one, is to change ourselves…

« Be the change you wish to see in the world » [Gandhi]« 

The international network of transition


In these cities, initiatives include complementary currencies, exchange of services, repair cafes, community gardens, groups of common purchases, places to donate, seed banks, and dozens of other projects …

A map showing the cities in transition around the world will influence the route I take.

Have a look… there is probably a city in transition close to you. If not, there is information available to help you to create one…

Permaculture (philosophy)


Permaculture is a way to develop with respect and consideration for the interconnection that exists with other systems. Observe, understand, reproduce. An holistic vision to take care of humans, nature and share what we have.


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